Acquisition, Research, Analysis and Process Improvement

atoc_1Gryphon Technologies tackles the full scope of acquisition challenges with a team of strategic, operational, and analytical experts accomplished in crafting innovative solutions for controlling program costs and schedule growth. With a portfolio of expertise covering the broad spectrum of acquisition program planning and execution,Gryphon Technologies subject matter experts offer extensive knowledge and direct experience in complex, high-profile programs.

Gryphon Technologies acquisition experts combine rigorous data structure, analysis, and knowledge integration processes with proven strategic planning, alignment, and facilitation disciplines to identify areas of program risk, opportunity, and under-performance to develop the objectives, strategies, executable tactics, and metrics necessary to achieve acquisition program goals.

Gryphon Technologies professionals possess in-depth specialized knowledge of each phase of the acquisition lifecycle, ranging from:

  • Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) benchmarking metrics for Cost, Schedule, Performance, and Risk.
  • Research and Development (R&D) through production and supply chain management.
  • Fielded system support, including the analytical, business, and management processes, and disciplines critical for planning, managing, and executing the program over its full life.
  • Complementary capabilities of understanding and interacting with diverse forms of data and database types, and creating innovative methods for the visualization of complex data to facilitate knowledge discovery.

Gryphon Technologies Acquisition Total Ownership Cost, Research, Analysis, and Process Improvement capabilities include:

Business Intelligence

Gryphon Technologies subject matter experts employ business processes that play critical roles in partnership with our clients to provide the strategic research, analysis, and business intelligence necessary to establish situational awareness, and understand the environmental risks and opportunities that can impact the success of their acquisition programs.

Gryphon Technologies business intelligence activities are tailored to the needs of the client and associated acquisition activities, and include a wide variety of analysis in diverse areas:

  • Product development cycle times, contractor operational performance, and pension liability impact.
  • Supply chain financial health and supply network insight, including risks and interdependencies.
  • Economic downturns affecting specific program scenarios and industry business models.
  • Insight for early warning of potential issues or risks that serve as indicators in the probability of program success calculations.

Recognized for our innovative analytical techniques, we develop customized approaches utilizing the latest technologies combined with best practices to provide a clear, concise examination of past, current, and future forecast views of business operations. These business intelligence technologies provide analyses that giveGryphon Technologies customers a competitive edge by enabling better decision making through every stage of the process.

Acquisition Total Ownership Costs (TOC) End-to-End Analysisatoc_2

Gryphon Technologies has built a core capability in acquisition management that emphasizes the holistic vision encompassing the Total Ownership Cost (TOC) concept. Considering each acquisition program at every stage – from concept to close out –Gryphon Technologies has created invaluable, highly effective processes and tools for assessing current, near-term, and future aspects to gain a complete and concise understanding of the risk environment and to mitigate the impact of risk on a program.

With expertise in sophisticated mathematical modeling techniques and statistical analysis, we study the range of cost and schedule risk at every stage of the program and consult with customers on the results of the continuous end-to-end analyses and alternative courses of action. TheGryphon Technologies team recognizes how critical seeing the whole picture is to the success of the acquisition process. Among the methods that Gryphon Technologies employs as a foundation for its customized techniques include:

  • Present Value Analysis, Regression Analysis, Cost-As-An-Independent-Variable Analysis.
  • Should-Cost Analysis, Cost Modeling, Cost Data Analysis.
  • Overhead Analysis, Rate Analysis, Engineering Cost Analysis.
  • Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) Performance Analysis
  • Probabilistic Schedule Risk Analysis (SRA.)

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Performance Improvement Planning and Execution

We are uniquely positioned to facilitate performance improvement planning for acquisition programs.Gryphon Technologies portfolio of expertise covering the broad spectrum of acquisition program planning and execution, in-depth knowledge of each phase of the acquisition lifecycle, insights into the supply network and the environmental issues impacting acquisition programs, and our comprehensive performance improvement solutions are unsurpassed. We hold extensive knowledge in systematic improvement approaches, such as:

  • Business Process Improvement (BPI), Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR), and Total Ownership Cost.
  • Statistical process control mechanisms, Casual flow analysis, Toyota Production System, Lean, and Six Sigma.

Gryphon Technologies experts have extensive demonstrated experience in helping our clients improve:

  • Strategic planning and management for acquisition commands; aligning business activities to the client’s mission, vision, and strategy; improving internal alignment and communications, and monitoring performance against strategic goals.

Gryphon Technologies-designed Command Information Centers (CIC): CIC’s collect and organize critical strategic and operational program planning and performance data for identification of issues and actions.

We are recognized for our strength in facilitating the client’s process of identifying, defining, and aligning critical strategic improvement initiatives specific to areas of acquisition program under-performance, translating prioritized improvement initiatives into specific, executable, and measurable tactical plans targeted to improve program performance and reduce total ownership costs.

aotc_5Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) Development and Support

The AoA, a cornerstone of military acquisition, has been mandated as an effort to move from employing a single source to the exploration of multiple alternatives in order for agencies to have a basis for funding the best possible projects in a rational, defensible manner risk and uncertainty. Gryphon Technologies provides the expertise and process oversight for study / analysis teams to assess and arrive at the best value for a set of proposals received from the private sector or other sources. Gryphon Technologies experience in giving direct support to study directors and technical directors ensures accurate and successful identification of:

  • Cost Schedule Performance (CSP) trade-space analysis.
  • Consideration of Risk, Measures of Effectiveness (MOEs), and new capabilities.
  • Determination of aggressiveness of schedules, cost reasonableness, and associated risk of each MOE

As the process managers, Gryphon Technologies provides the necessary oversight and focused insight for all components of the AoA, in support of each acquisition phase in which the AoA is performed – Concept and Technology Development Phase (CTDP), System Development and Demonstration Phase (SDDP), and the Production and Deployment Phase (PDP).

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