Broadcast Engineering Services

bes_bottomGryphon Technologies Broadcast Engineering group specializes in the full range of broadcast engineering, integration, installation, and maintenance services. Highly skilled in the design of state-of-the-art digital broadcast systems, Gryphon Technologies has a track record of success accomplishing full conversions from analog to digital/SDI and HDTV for our customers. Gryphon Technologies experts in Digital Rights Management (DRM) have designed systems with encryption and watermarking to protect digital content. The approaches crafted by Gryphon Technologies have gained approval from the Motion Picture Association of America for early window
release of content for U.S. Military use.Gryphon Technologies engineering includes analog and digitalCATV system designs and installations and long-term system maintenance.

Gryphon Technologies broadcast engineering capabilities include:

Shipboard System Engineering
(Testing and Integration, Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Services, Design/Prototype Development, Video Surveillance/Security, Equipment Specification Development, Engineering Changes, Preliminary Simulation, Design and Milestone Reviews and Detailed Designs, Site Surveys, Frequency Analysis, Modeling and Simulation, Design and Milestone Reviews)

Gryphon Technologies has a NAVSEA-approved Quality Management System (QMS) and our engineers and technicians are qualified for shipboard installations, upgrades, and alterations. Gryphon Technologies designs, develops, and installs American Forces Radio and Television Service (AFRTS) shipboard systems used for entertainment, command information, and training programming. Other services performed by this specialized team include: comprehensive systems engineering to analyze and develop solutions in accordance with strict shipboard hardware and software requirements, equipment specifications and design data development, prototype development, integration and testing of shipboard systems, change management, and computerized asset management. We have designed systems to interface with pier-side cable systems, and many of the systems include equipment used to receive and distribute satellite programming in ships. We are the experts in the distribution of shipboard video as part of the shipboard Interior Communications programs, and are advancing the designs of current systems to make use of the latest IP-based technologies.

bes_topBroadcast Facilities Engineering – Network Coordination/Video/Audio
(Studio Design and Planning, A/V Equipment Management and Maintenance/Repair)

Gryphon Technologies engineers are experts in requirements analysis and design conceptualization for broadcast facilities. Our work includes complete analog to HD/SDI facility conversions, technology upgrades, workflow assessments and process recommendations, and implementation of web-based solutions.

Gryphon Technologies engineers research the newest technologies and make recommendations for their incorporation in live television production studios, Master Control, satellite uplink facilities, and webcast centers. Working side-by-side with client engineers, Gryphon Technologies develops engineering drawings using AutoCAD. These drawings include rack layouts, video/audio/sync flows, interface, and power drawings.

Clients rely on Gryphon Technologies to provide specialized and unique services for identifying, selecting, cataloguing, and procuring highly sophisticated television and web broadcasting equipment. The expertise provided by Gryphon Technologies includes broadcast engineering, A/V equipment management, acquisition planning/execution, logistics support planning/documentation, and complete system redesign.

RF and QAM Fiber Video Distribution
Gryphon Technologies designs, develops, and installs Integrated Radio Frequency Distribution Systems that provide ship-wide transmission of news, command information, training and entertainment programming. These distribution systems receive audio and video signals from other onboard systems and distribute the signals to shipboard receivers. The Gryphon Technologies design brings together various independent distribution systems and integrates them into a single transport medium for distribution throughout the ship. In delivering these services, we interface with planning yards, port engineers, and ship program managers. Gryphon Technologies current effort is to convert all the analog RF distribution systems to digital QAM distribution to increase channel capacity, provide HD TV capability, and greatly enhance the delivery of programming to the sailors.

Design Engineering
(Concept Studies, System Operational Requirements, Technology Research/Demonstrations, Cost/Performance Trade-off Analysis, Functionality Requirements, Feasibility Studies and Analysis)

Gryphon Technologies engineering design process begins with concept development and requirements analysis. Once the supporting requirements are developed, we analyze the latest technology advances and incorporate existing assets into a comprehensive solution that is efficient and meets the functionality required.Gryphon Technologies offers a broad range of design expertise in the optimization of audio/video transmission and reception equipment and systems. Efforts performed for our clients include: the design and development of data and video transfer systems; design and development of network and server configurations to support worldwide data and video transmissions; requirements development for transmission of satellite data, audio, and television signals; and emerging technology analysis.

Gryphon Technologies design engineering capabilities cover concept studies, system operational requirements, technology research/demonstrations, cost/performance tradeoff analysis, functionality requirements, and feasibility studies and analysis.

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