Cloud Computing Services

Gryphon Technologies offers a variety of cloud computing services that enables our clients to deploy secure and scalable solutions that significantly reduce risk for their web-based applications and services. We have paved the way for our government (GovCloud) and commercial clients by producing comprehensive development and migration approaches for the creation of new applications and the moving of legacy systems to “the cloud”. Our team of experts support many cloud-based services, including:

Globally redundant storage with high availability and performance. Ideal for low-latency, high traffic content served to users distributed across geographic regions.

Web Application Hosting
Multi-platform hosting solutions that provide a flexible, highly scalable, and cost-effective way to deliver websites and web applications.

On-Demand and “Just in Time” transcoding
Highly scalable, easy to use and a cost-effective way for organizations to convert (or “transcode”) media files from their source format into versions that will stream on devices like smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

Content Delivery
Globally distributed network of servers to serve all types of content to end-users with high availability and high performance.

Web Application Security
Protection of data, websites and web applications by shielding them from the public Internet. We effectively remove them from Internet-accessible IP address space, which helps prevent attackers from directly targeting the application origin and forces traffic to go through our carefully monitored access control systems where attacks can be detected and mitigated.

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