End User Support/Helpdesk

Gryphon Technologies offers productive solutions that enable organizations to reduce costs and add value by improving the effectiveness of operations to enhance the quality and quantity of work performance. Technical problems can disrupt an otherwise efficient operation, and can be compounded when there is no dedicated support available. That’s where Gryphon Technologies comes in. We provide customers with 24/7 on-call support to troubleshoot issues, manage data backup and recovery, and provide installation and upgrade assistance. We establish operational plans detailing helpdesk procedures and policies, recommendations for management software solutions based on industry best practices, and processes for tracking and codifying reoccurring issues for global response within customer operations. Further, Gryphon Technologies performs software system maintenance including site monitoring/analyses, system upgrades and enhancements, lifecycle maintenance and support, inventory software applications, and associated documentation such as licenses. We also maintain current operational capabilities of systems to ensure daily reliability. In addition to fully staffing and managing the helpdesk, Gryphon Technologies also responds to customer technical issues and questions developing procedural and process manuals for responding to requests, and we provide technical training programs.

Gryphon Technologies end-user support and helpdesk capabilities include:

Network Management

The Gryphon Technologies IT team provides a full range of vital administrative functions in-house or remotely to keep customers’ networks in top performance. Gryphon Technologies closely monitors its customers’ operations to preempt problems that might interfere with keeping the network and its services up and running efficiently. Part of the job of effective network management is tracking all the resources in the network and maintaining a schedule of repairs and upgrades. Corrective and preventative maintenance of systems is the best way to prevent disruption of network operations. Customers rely on Gryphon Technologies to develop detailed methods, procedures and employ the latest tools and best practices to ensure uninterrupted and exceptional performance of all the resources comprising the networked systems. Gryphon Technologies IT professionals also provide customers with recommendations on when to reconfigure their networks for better performance and greater cost savings. We will also establish planning strategies and implement these new systems.

Trouble Resolution/Helpdesk Support

Specializing in delivering solutions that enable customers to perform their mission successfully, Gryphon Technologies provides value with 24/7 on-call and in-house support to assist with installation and usage, troubleshoot problems and resolve issues with hardware, software, networks, and applications. Gryphon Technologies staffs its helpdesk support with experienced IT professionals with superior customer service skills who are proficient in the majority of systems operating today and those close to launch. These technical experts build helpdesk operations for customers that are equipped with the latest in software tools, operated by proven processes and supported by knowledge-based reference guides. The helpdesk operation manages each trouble report through issue-tracking software that tracks each problem, question, or request from inception through resolution. The software features analytical tools for analyzing tracked issues against the problem database, as well as measuring helpdesk performance. Gryphon Technologies drafts and regularly updates these knowledge-based resources to serve as a reference guide for resolution of common issues, a training manual for new helpdesk staff, an online tool for customers to diagnose problems themselves, and as supporting reference documentation for recommended changes to existing systems.

Collaboration Services

Collaboration capabilities are a necessity in today’s enterprise operations and Gryphon Technologies provides scalable solutions to enable productive communications from any location. We offer a suite of tested services that give customers cost-effective options that integrate with existing systems for better communications and information use in shared environments. Utilizing the latest tools and technologies, we develop the collaboration solution that best meets the specific needs of our customers. Whether the requirement is real-time collaboration or a structured, customized teaming environment for managing information, Gryphon Technologies has the answer.

On-Site Direct and Field Support

Flexibility to respond to customers’ diverse and changing requirements is a core capability that distinguishes Gryphon Technologies. The wide-ranging experience of our corporate team augmented with specialists (should the occasion require it) assures customers of a rapid response. Gryphon Technologies mobilizes experts to support customers in the field or on-site, in-person or remotely, in response to short-term projects or long-term ongoing needs. With talented professionals in strategic locations armed with the latest in technological innovation, Gryphon Technologies is positioned to deliver customers on-site direct and support in the field on short notice or for an extended duration to provide a range of services, including installation, maintenance, and operational assistance; troubleshooting and resolution of problems; and development and implementation of training programs.

Enterprise Operations/Support
(Hardware/Software Maintenance)

Focused on creating value, improving performance and cutting costs, Gryphon Technologies approaches implementing fully integrated enterprise-wide solutions by partnering with customers to ensure a smooth transition that incorporates identified goals and objectives. The Gryphon Technologies IT team works with customers to develop a strategy that leverages the existing infrastructure-coupled with best practices for configuring an operational environment that capitalizes on the advantages of an enterprise system. Establishing an enterprise infrastructure is the first step, operating the new environment presents its own challenges. As a partner in taking an organization to the next level, our experts provide full-service operations and technical support, which involves establishing and managing processes to ensure the enterprise environment is totally secure, affords cost savings, and delivers high-quality, reliable services. Customers count on Gryphon Technologies for all their operations and support needs.

Facilities Management and Operation

Gryphon Technologies assumes responsibilities for managing and operating customer facilities with proven processes for facilitating cost savings and enhancing productivity. Customers can focus on the organization’s core mission confident that Gryphon Technologies is in complete control of managing the facility, from technical operations and equipment maintenance to best practices for increasing productivity and support services for employees aimed at improving the work environment. With a track record of success in providing results-based solutions, Gryphon Technologies successfully restructures and streamlines customer facility management processes, achieves significant cost savings, operational efficiencies, technical enhancements, and improved performance.

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