Executive Support Services

OMNITEC provides a wide range of solutions to support the specialized needs of senior leadership and staff. The multi-tasking executive services group manages day-to-day operations for various clients who require top-notch talent skilled in multiple disciplines.

OMNITEC Executive Support capabilities include:

Administrative Services

OMNITEC provides highly skilled administrative professionals who provide a broad range of services. In providing day-to-day management and operational support to senior executives, OMNITEC performs a wide range of administrative functions including IT support, security, meeting/conference planning, etc.

Creative Design and Messaging

The creative team at OMNITEC is unmatched in its exceptional talent for designing compelling visuals enhanced by graphical expertise that depict the messages clients wish to convey. Complementing the design and graphic skills of our designers are the tremendous technical capabilities of our video services professionals. For an in-depth discussion of OMNITEC technical capabilities, please refer to the Web and IT Services and Media, Engineering, and Technical Services under the Capabilities section of this website.

Technical Services

OMNITEC offers a full complement of technical services to respond to the needs of clients. From configuring network operations, troubleshooting systems, and upgrading to new technological advances, to designing and maintaining websites and Internet publishing and streaming media, OMNITEC has the proven talent and the innovative solutions that give customers high performing and cost-effective technical services. For an in-depth discussion of OMNITEC’s technical capabilities, please refer to the Web and IT Services and Media, Engineering, and Technical Services under the Capabilities section of this website.

Development, Analysis, and Execution of Strategic Direction

As a valued team member, OMNITEC supports customers through all stages of the strategic planning process. In the development phase, OMNITEC helps identify and define the corporate direction and what steps are necessary to meet the specified goals. Applying our expertise in strategic analysis to assessing performance measures, organizational strategies, current goals, and process improvement initiatives, OMNITEC is positioned to provide high-level guidance to executive leadership. As a participant in the evolution of the strategic planning direction, OMNITEC is uniquely qualified in contributing to its execution and supporting the ongoing management and performance reviews.

Conference Meeting Coordination / Planningess_1

OMNITEC manages and executes various executive leadership events, including facilitating the execution of clients’ strategic vision and goals through planning, development, and support for senior leadership meetings, off-site sessions, conferences, symposia, and special events.

The event specialists at OMNITEC are relied upon to orchestrate the planning and logistics, coordinate the content of presentations to ensure alignment with strategic vision and goals, and document and distribute the leadership communications resulting from the sessions. OMNITEC also manages development of knowledge management tools for meeting support.

Writing Services and Distribution of Communications

The talented writers at OMNITEC possess diverse writing skills and styles, and are widely recognized for the innovative communications products they produce. Among the writing services OMNITEC offers are:

  • Strategic, long-range vision, strategic planning, organizational, and annual reporting publications.
  • Historical & contemporary management research, white papers, articles, etc.
  • Design turn-key tradeshow, and permanent large-scale booth displays.
  • Writing, editing, and production of multimedia communication products.
  • Executive presentations and briefing materials.
  • Design, research, development, and distribution of print and web-based magazines.

OMNITEC utilizes a variety of channels for disseminating client messages that are presented in creative and innovative communications products integrated with features such as still and in-motion images, sound, and animation.

ess_2Development of Knowledge Management Tools

With a focus on the specific needs of individual clients, OMNITEC develops knowledge management tools to facilitate an organization’s goals, including improving performance, sharing lessons learned, integrating innovations, and incorporating operational efficiencies. The knowledge management tools purpose-built by OMNITEC to respond to customers’ needs cover:

  • Media analysis and reporting of publicly distributed communications.
  • E-learning.
  • Databases.
  • Social Media Development and Management.
  • Content and Document Management.
  • A wide variety of software tools.

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