Information Transfer Services

With cutting-edge communications tools in the hands of accomplished veteran innovators, the power of information takes on a whole new meaning. Presentation of information comes in a variety of forms and the delivery systems enable outreach to wider audiences. Gryphon Technologies knows the value of information and how to optimize its effectiveness and enhance the worth of the data with compelling strategies using the latest technologies. Among these innovative, cost-effective solutions is our maintenance of streaming media applications. We also develop streaming media requirements, secure hosting services, and strategize planned improvements.

Gryphon Technologies specialists are adept at migrating all forms of content to new hosting sources with zero downtime and zero data loss, supporting different network paths, developing data test scripts to ensure data validity, and performing system operational tests to verify connectivity and functionality within network infrastructures. We build web-based management tools for handling all forms of content, monitor their performance and usage, and the encoding/uploading of video content to a Content Distribution Network (CDN).

Gryphon Technologies information transfer capabilities include:

Streaming Media Services
(Live and Video-on-Demand Streaming)

Gryphon Technologies empowers customers to reach out to target audiences anywhere on the globe with its unmatched streaming media services. From the advent of streaming media, Gryphon Technologies has worked to refine the performance and reliability of content presentation and delivery systems to give customers unparalleled service and value. We provide top-notch media services that enable customers to frame powerful, timely communications and stream the messages in real-time to geographically-dispersed audiences. Using the tested and proven state-of-the-art tools and solutions we designed, customers gain highly reliable, cost-effective outreach via a worldwide content distribution network for live audio and video and on-demand streaming on a 24/7/365 basis.

CDN Configuration, Integration and Support

Gryphon Technologies takes the best of industry and augments these features with technical innovations designed to meet specific customer needs. Content Distribution Networks (CDN) created by Gryphon Technologies are optimized to deliver high-quality content at maximum speeds with increased reliability and low costs. It is critically important in today’s world to control the delivery of information assets globally and improve end-user performance. Specializing in CDN design and integration system-wide, Gryphon Technologies supports the distribution network with a web-based management tool for changing content real-time, including encoding/uploading of video, and monitoring performance and usage statistics. Customers look to Gryphon Technologies for the best performance, highest quality of services, and most reliable support.

Search Engine Optimization, Application Design, and Integration

Savvy at optimizing a customer’s web presence by designing search-engine-friendly websites, Gryphon Technologies strategy secures top positioning and frequent visibility on the most popular search engines. Fluent in the processes and tactics that achieve search engine optimization (SEO) successes, Gryphon Technologies builds, redesigns or improves existing customer websites to reflect specific keywords in content and design that capture the attention of search engines, assuring prominence in the search rankings. Gryphon Technologies knows how competitive it is to hold onto the top rankings in search results and is meticulous at maintaining websites to increase relevance to keywords to ensure frequent, high visibility for the customer brand and its products and services. Complementing the tactics of SEO, Gryphon Technologies designs and integrates a wide variety of applications to stimulate awareness and enhance exposure.

Gryphon Technologies takes great steps to comprehend the full scope of customer hosting requirements. Our Gryphon Technologies IT team gains a detailed understanding of existing infrastructure and the problems and limitations experienced by the customer. We then explore their long-term vision in order to construct a strategic plan for expansion and redefinition of their mission. Gryphon Technologies also considers an extensive list of parameters that impact operational effectiveness today and scalability for future needs. The comprehensive strategy that Gryphon Technologies advances include recommendations such as type of hosting service, level of database support and sophistication of application development platforms. With an extensive background and first-hand experience in a majority of application and web hosting services, Gryphon Technologies matches customer requirements with the best-in-industry and customizes a final solution with built-in flexibility and scalability to respond to changing needs.

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