Instructional Systems Design and Training

IMS_1Our primary function involves capturing new knowledge that emerges from the program performance and process improvement teams – validating and developing it into competency-based interventions, and diffusing it back into the working population through training and education.

The Gryphon Technologies Training and Development Team ensures the quality of this endeavor through the development and maintenance of a robust instructional design process based on the Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation (ADDIE) model.

The Gryphon Technologies team has been instrumental in developing several key-learning initiatives for the Department of the Navy. Our goal with this partnership is to create an improved, more informed consumer of products and services that will result in better program performance. A few examples include:

  • Integrated Project Management (IPM) Training:
    • Schedule training: This is a comprehensive curriculum that instructs the analyst from the basics of program management through the application of Monte-Carlo simulation.
    • Earned Value (EV) Analysis training: EV training centers on the 32 EV guidelines, a requirement of nearly every large acquisition program.
  • Web-Based Training (WBT): focuses on knowledge capture within the organization.
  • Advanced Analytics and Consulting (AAC): Provides statistical methods and processes to help them understand and find solutions to problems that arise.
  • Business Financial Management University (BFMU): Gryphon Technologies professionals working within BFMU include subject matter experts, as well as course developers and T&D Management experts. They are currently engaged in the development of a learning architecture with curriculum development that will support the Business Financial Management community throughout a large Navy Systems Command.

Gryphon Technologies Training and Development Competencies encompass the following areas of expertise: T&D Strategic Planning, Instructional Systems Design, Functional Performance Support, Knowledge Management, Technical Writing, Train the Trainer, Web/Computer Based Training/Performance Support, Training Evaluation, Cultural/Technology Diffusion Methods.

Gryphon Technologies Instructional Systems Design and Training capabilities include:

Improving Logistics and Maintenance Performance Trainingims_2
Gryphon Technologies recognizes that many programs encounter cost overruns, quality deficiencies, and schedule disruptions in the operational phase. Service clients rely on Gryphon Technologies to ensure that costs, quality, and schedules continue on track after development is completed and the program shifts into full operation.

Gryphon Technologies utilizes a variety of tools and techniques to manage client programs:

  • Updating maintenance requirements and schedules.
  • Tracking challenging logistics that are a necessary part of day-to-day operations.
  • Employing integrated, solid methodologies for process monitoring.

These innovative processes are part of a comprehensive training program designed by Gryphon Technologies for the Department of the Navy, which integrates Lean, Six Sigma, and Theory of Constraints to meet the challenges of cost, quality, and schedule within complex systems.

This series of educational courses expands knowledge based on best practices for managing large, complex programs over their lifecycle. The logistics and maintenance training program, integrated with other program management tools, provides skillsets for cutting costs, improving quality, and managing program schedules. A few examples include:

  • Naval Aviation Enterprise (NAE) CPI Awareness Course – a two-hour Computer-based Training (CBT) class, this course replaces the White and Yellow Belt Lean and Six Sigma training requirement for US Naval Aviation.
  • Logistics Chain Management Initial Course – an eight hour CBT class on the Navy blended Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) processes of Lean Six Sigma (LSS) and Theory of Constraints (TOC).
  • Logistics Chain Management Level 2 Course – an 80 hour, instructor-led, modular, blended CPI course designed to teach self sustainment of CPI implementations.

Using the standard Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation (ADDIE) model, Gryphon Technologies provides:ims_3

  • Training course development that includes:
    • Job Task Analysis (JTA).
    • Educational Training Assessment (ETA).
    • Graphic design training, including capture animation and storyboards.
    • Courseware with simulations and testing.
  • Instructional Systems Analysis/Design/Development and subject matter expertise to create and tailor training courses, both:
    • Self-paced Computer Based Training (CBT).Detailed instructor-led courses as part of the logistics and maintenance training program.
  • Gryphon Technologies provides full “turn-key” training and courseware sustainment for instructors.

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