Logistics Management

Gryphon Technologies provides customers with highly efficient logistics management and warehousing/inventory control. We possess the requisite critical skills to ensure the correct materials are available and are delivered to the right place at the right time.

Gryphon Technologies team of highly skilled logisticians and technicians excels at managing and operating large warehouses. We have devised and implemented numerous efficiencies that deliver integrated logistics documentation, inventory control, lifecycle planning, and acquisition planning. Gryphon Technologies customers are confident of receiving the best items, exactly when needed.

Gryphon Technologies logistics management and warehousing/inventory control capabilities include:

Acquisition Program Management Support/Planning/Execution

The technical experts at Gryphon Technologies are fully experienced in managing Navy acquisition programs, specifically shipbuilding programs for surface ships, aircraft carriers, amphibious ships, and submarines. We prepare long-range plans that take into account shipbuilding schedules, technology enhancements, and logistics support elements. These plans include detailed milestone schedules and lifecycle costs. Each of the shipbuilding programs has its own process, and we are working with each of them. We prepare budgets using task-planning sheets and program-specific documentation. We also prepare program technical and financial data used in program status briefings, and we ensure equipment delivery schedules are met. Working closely with our customers, we provide exceptional support in establishing and managing acquisition programs and lend our expertise in the planning and execution of strategic acquisition policies, processes, and procedures.

Logistics Products Development
(Training/Curricula, Technical Documentation, Ships Drawings, Stock Level Analysis)

Gryphon Technologies develops training programs and curricula that cover systems operations maintenance. We begin the process by developing a training system plan and then devising the detailed curricula. We proof the curricula through a course dry-run or “pilot,” making updates as necessary. The curricula include instructor’s guides, trainee guides, test questions, lab sessions, and prefaulted module implementation. We develop formal curricula for the major Navy schools and provide more informal training to sailors aboard ships. Gryphon Technologies also has instructors who perform classroom training at shore-based facilities.

Gryphon Technologies develops system-level technical manuals. These manuals encompass all the elements of the system and include sections on theory of operation, operating procedures, periodic and corrective maintenance, equipment replacement, and support information. Manuals are updated with approved equipment changes and manual updates are distributed electronically.

Gryphon Technologies develops and maintains NAVSEA-format ship drawings. The drawings include rack elevations, schematics, power distribution, space and arrangement drawings, and power and HVAC calculations. As changes to systems are needed, we update the drawings and maintain the configuration to ensure it tracks with the installed systems.

Gryphon Technologies maintains the status of shipboard spare parts inventories and provides continual analysis to ensure stock levels will meet demand. As equipment upgrades are implemented, we adjust the stock accordingly. As levels run low, we initiate procurement efforts to replenish the stock, and provide continuing analysis of stock levels for the best cost efficiencies.

Warehouse Operations/Supply Support
(Spares Management, Configuration Management, Computerized Asset Management, Receipt, Issue and Storage, Bar Coding/Serial Number Tracking, Inventory Management/Audit)

Gryphon Technologies owns and operates a warehouse containing more than 25,000 Navy television equipment components. We provide the warehouse space, shipping, receiving, inventory management, and serial number tracking for this equipment, as well as maintain the database of equipment status. Gryphon Technologies developed the database that ensures each of the 25,000 items is accounted for, by serial number and location. Each item is barcoded, scanned, and entered into the system.

Gryphon Technologies manages the equipment repair program. Equipment returning from the field undergoes evaluation and then is sent to designated repair facilities. We track the equipment to ensure timely processing and we respond to inquiries from the repair facility regarding equipment disposition. We return repaired material back to the warehouse in a ready-for-issue status, where it will be available for the next replacement request from a ship.

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