Media Analysis Services

In a constantly changing and often overwhelming news environment, companies and government agencies may find it challenging to track and make sense of the latest, most credible and relevant mainstream and social media content. Gryphon Technologies Solutions monitors and analyzes real-time information, enabling clients to craft informed, timely, and actionable communication plans.

Gryphon Technologies key strength is its seasoned and high-caliber staff, with a broad range of professional backgrounds. Our researchers analyze a high volume of ongoing media updates 24 hours a day to prepare insightful and objective reports driven by our client’s immediate needs and long-term strategies.

Gryphon Technologies proactive analysis considers a client’s industry in the context of the overall news cycle – encompassing global print, online, broadcast and social media outlets. Our teams establish strong client relationships, which allow a truly collaborative and flexible sharing of information.

Gryphon Technologies core services are customized to meet each client’s unique research needs and include, but are not limited to:

Daily updates: Quick and concise updates about rapidly evolving or controversial news stories.

Ad-hoc situational awareness reports: As-needed reporting on media topics that impact a client’s specific goals and objectives for use in senior-level briefings, conferences, interviews, etc.

Comprehensive news/analysis roundups: Reporting that clearly summarizes issues for communications and public affairs personnel to allow them to effectively respond to public or press inquiries about a particular topic, and/or correct any misinformation being reported.

Proactive alerts: Rapid alerts that keep clients informed of a particular issue that is developing in social media outlets before it hits the mass media.

Trending and anticipatory reports: Customized reports provided on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis to compare a variety of metrics such as message penetration, spokespeople visibility, volume, impressions, nature, and tonality of media coverage.

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