Media and Video Production Services

The Gryphon Technologies Media and Video Production Services group provides the full range of production services that include running a live press event; conducting live satellite media tours; developing a complete video production with shooting editing, graphic design, and encoding for broadcast and web; conducting satellite uplinks for remote event coverage; and performing full studio and field productions.

Gryphon Technologies media and video production capabilities include:

Live Press Conferences and Interviews

Gryphon Technologies conducts live press conferences, media interviews, and satellite tours. Gryphon Technologies professionals supply and operate cameras and audio equipment for live and recorded events, deliver television feeds for commercial networks, and set up and implement video teleconferences and webcasts. Gryphon Technologies video transmits video and audio via fiber lines for pickup by the major networks and, if necessary, satellite uplink for further distribution. We have coordinated live remote shoots with cabinet secretaries, providing the lighting, video, audio, and content feeds to a satellite truck for satellite media tours from remote locations.

Video Production/Live Remote Production/Direction

(Video Graphics/Audio/Lighting/Camera, Videography/Still Photography)

Gryphon Technologies has a team of technicians who provide an extensive range of video production and post-production services. These highly skilled professionals supply the infrastructure and production support for press events, conferences, and televised interviews that include fiber and satellite transmissions at government headquarters buildings and from remote locations. The Gryphon Technologies team performs video production and master control operations using state-of-the-art graphics animation and editing equipment, HD cameras, and equipment for shooting. We also use various advanced methods for duplication and distribution.

Satellite and Terrestrial Transmission/Broadcast Operations

Gryphon Technologies manages the broadcast operations needs for a number of customers, including delivering satellite and terrestrial transmission services. We are particularly familiar with the various transmission paths and related service providers that are available. Gryphon Technologies has renegotiated transmissions services for customers that have resulted in significant savings for our clients. We know the processes and procedures and can quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues to ensure reliable transmissions throughout the world.

Gryphon Technologies manages program scheduling, content, and satellite uplink operations for three live television and radio channels. These channels are uplinked to a global satellite constellation for receipt by Navy ships and shore sites around the world. Gryphon Technologies controls and monitors the confidence downlink to assure audio/video quality and, if needed, adjusts and repairs the system. Additionally, Gryphon Technologies records live television programming each day and coordinates master tape duplication that is delivered to Navy ships for later playback.

Live and Archived Webcasts plus closed Captioning

Gryphon Technologies provides video production services for live webcasts that include on-the-fly captioning. The production includes the lighting, camera, and audio operations, along with the web encoding and streaming management. The live webcasts are recorded and placed in the archive for later on-demand viewing. We provide the complete service of production and web encoding that includes providing the necessary global distribution and bandwidth, file storage of the archive webcasts, cataloguing, and keyword searching capability.

Meeting and Conference Services

Gryphon Technologies provides complete meeting and conference services that comprise: conference room audiovisual (A/V) set-up and operations, event scheduling and staffing, and production—including camera, audio, master control, recording, and webcasting. We use the latest in resource scheduling software to manage scheduling of conference rooms, editing facilities, studios, and personnel resources.

Providing the full range of A/V support services is second nature to Gryphon Technologies. To successfully manage a large number of rooms, Gryphon Technologies pays strict attention to the schedule, event size, and logistics. We have staff with expertise in the wide variety of different equipment found in various event rooms. As part of the Gryphon Technologies engineering process, we standardize all equipment upgrades utilized in these spaces, thus cost-effectively bringing all room upgrades under one maintenance procedure schedule.

Support to non-A/V equipped rooms is slightly more complicated, but Gryphon Technologies regularly performs setup and break-down for high-level domestic and international events. Based on room layout, seating, video projection, and microphone coverage requirements, Gryphon Technologies prepares a microphone layout and cable-run plan, determines stage and audience/room lighting for television, identifies locations of additional loudspeakers or viewing monitors with associated audio and video feeds, and determines placement for large PowerPoint slide projection screens. We check all audio and video equipment for proper operation before each event.

Additionally, Gryphon Technologies provides camera and audio, recording, interpretation support, editing for final product, duplication, webcasting, archiving, and captioning support. Gryphon Technologies works closely with customers to produce a successful event, using the latest A/V technologies and employing well-established processes and procedures.

VTC Integration and Managed Services

Gryphon Technologies affords customers a variety of audio and video teleconferencing options and the requisite integration and managed services, such as set up and implementation of video teleconferences and webcasts. Gryphon Technologies manages 35 conference rooms with VTC equipment, both Polycom and Tandberg, and more than 50 conference rooms with audio conferencing (spider phones). We set up each and every system, and provide routine maintenance to ensure proper operation. Gryphon Technologies has established a standard routine for VTC operations that begins with arriving at the conference room 30 minutes before the scheduled start time of the meeting. Gryphon Technologies gets the equipment (codecs, projectors, monitors, table-top and lavaliere microphones, copy cameras, electronic white-boards, etc.) powered up and tested, then makes the connection(s) to the far-side either directly or via a VTC bridge, so that the connections are ready before the meeting starts. To ensure that the connections stay up, Gryphon Technologies stays for 15 minutes after the meeting commences to address any issues. Most of the VTCs and audio conferences are connected to international locations, and Gryphon Technologies uses bridges to resolve interface differences between U.S. and foreign bit-rates and protocols.

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