Network Engineering

Gryphon Technologies delivers the full range of integrated services that range from developing a turnkey network to constructing an individual engineering project. Our engineers specialize in building and maintaining networks, desktop systems, and servers. We are seasoned professionals with vast engineering experience in concept, design, integration, installation, operation, and maintenance. The scope of our innovative network engineering solutions encompasses everything, whether the need stems from a single department or small business to a complete enterprise-wide network. Customers turn to Gryphon Technologies for all their network engineering needs, with total confidence in the company’s expertise in managing distributed enterprise networks at optimum performance, maintaining them with maximum reliability, and operating them at minimum cost.

Gryphon Technologies network engineering capabilities include:

Data Center Management
(LAN/WAN Engineering and Administration, Website Hosting and System Administration, System Certification/Testing, Network and Security Operations)

Gryphon Technologies supports the vital IT needs of enterprises large and small through management of simple-to-complex data centers that serve as the backbone of an organization’s operations. Data Centers serve a variety of purposes including supporting and housing an infrastructure composed of intricate computer systems, telecommunications equipment, and storage components that require vigilance to maintain reliable performance that ensures business continuity. The Gryphon Technologies engineering team possesses the specialized skills, technical capabilities and proven experience needed to design, build and manage these facilities. Gryphon Technologies has an impressive track record of successful performance that ranges from understanding the operational needs of wide area networks (WAN), local area networks (LAN), storage area networks (SAN), network components and the associated hardware and software interfaces, hosted applications and computer desktop equipment to physical facility requirements. Our facility experience includes expertise in emergency backup power systems, redundant systems, off-site backup services, environmental controls, elevated floors/rack sizes, scalability, and sophisticated security options. Combine that expertise with extensive knowledge of operational metrics, system certification, and testing, along with the highest standards and commitment to providing exceptional service, it is clear why so many customers turn to Gryphon Technologies to support every aspect of their IT operations.

Desktop and Server Administration and Support
(Infrastructure/Server Management; Server/Network Architecture and Support; Facilities Planning; Configuration Management; Design, Implementation and Integration; Requirements Definition and Analysis; Quality and Operational Assessment; Enterprise Architecture Development; Enterprise Resource Planning; IT Capital Planning Management)

Gryphon Technologies performs the function of in-house IT administration and support for customers in need of a diverse skill set. With an extensive background in configuring effective operational arrangements that achieve enterprise efficiencies, we serve as a valued partner in maintaining existing environments, providing recommendations for improvements, troubleshooting problems and implementing solutions. Gryphon Technologies knows how critical it is to keep the entire infrastructure in top operating shape, and establishes and follows a detailed methodology designed for flawless execution. Complying with an exacting timetable, Gryphon Technologies safeguards an infrastructure by monitoring local and remote servers and networks to ensure 24/7 uptime, configuring equipment and administering upgrades, staying current on the latest advances in technologies to optimize assets, implementing backup and redundancy plans, and assuring consistency of configuration management measurements.

Managing an existing infrastructure is only part of the complete package of services provided by Gryphon Technologies. The technical team atGryphon Technologies applies its knowledge of evolving technology and industry best practices to customer goals and objectives to advance recommendations for increased efficiencies, cost savings and a higher return on investment. Gryphon Technologies crafts sound strategies detailing design, development, implementation and integration procedures based on a comprehensive and thorough requirements definition and analysis process. Whether the scope of the project involves facilities planning, IT capital planning, an all-encompassing enterprise resource planning system approach to managing resources or development of challenging and far-reaching enterprise architecture, Gryphon Technologies has the technical expertise, proven methodologies, management experience, and high standards to implement a solution that delivers outstanding quality and exceptional value for its customers.

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