Software and Database Support

Gryphon Technologies delivers a complete solution in answer to customers’ individual software and database needs. The experienced software engineers and database administrators at Gryphon Technologies specialize in developing web applications that enable clients to resolve obstacles and do their jobs better. Highly skilled in the broad spectrum encompassing software and database design, development, testing, implementation, administration, and maintenance, we take the time to comprehend fully the unique challenges and “purpose builds” scalable, best-of-class solutions.

The software engineers at Gryphon Technologies excel at creating web-based and client-server enterprise resource software applications. Our database administrators build powerful, reliable systems and design the tools that monitor performance and uphold the integrity of databases to ensure that the millions of pieces of valuable information are secure and readily accessible. Our team approach begins with a thorough understanding of the specific problems, functionality needs, and desired outcomes. With a vast knowledge of the current market offerings, we build upon existing resources to craft an individualized solution that answers a client’s current specific goals with minimal disruption to workflow and with inherent capabilities for adapting to changing needs, lessons learned and technological advances. Gryphon Technologies is a leader in designing robust, innovative solutions including the development and management of expansive web-based, database-driven Content Management System software applications for the government and industry.

What distinguishes Gryphon Technologies and has earned the company a reputation as a valued partner is our exceptional talent that is responsive to its customers’ needs and building them the top-notch solutions that fit their specific needs. Customers rely on Gryphon Technologies because they know the company does exactly what it says it will do and does it with state-of-the-art technology, proven methodology, best practices, and knowledge-based solutions.

Gryphon’s software and database support capabilities include:

Content Management
(Internet/Intranet/Portal/Web 2.0 Application Development; Migration and Conversion of Legacy Systems; Legacy Content Migration; RSS Feeds/Podcasts/Vodcasts and other Outreach)

Gryphon Technologies content managers are unmatched in the inventive strategies they brainstorm for getting the word out. With a wealth of web-based vehicles to tap, Gryphon Technologies disseminates content in a variety of forms to target audiences in a timely, compelling fashion, no matter where the location. Gryphon Technologies builds comprehensive, highly creative and technically-savvy web-based sources for presenting valuable information, utilizing data, highlighting timely messages, sharing intelligence and communicating knowledge. Government and industry also turn to us for our expertise in migrating and converting legacy systems to preserve existing processes in a cost-effective manner with minimal risk. We employ approaches that ensure the integrity and longevity of information, which is vital to effective content management.

Whether your goal is to deliver key messages to people in various locales or to drive them to benefit from your online purpose-built assets, Gryphon Technologies is artful in its strategy and skilled with the latest technologies to maximize the exposure and reach of valuable content. The content managers at Gryphon Technologies have extensive experience designing, building, exploiting, and promoting online systems including the Internet, Intranets, portals and Web 2.0 applications. Adept at utilizing outreach tools like podcasts, vodcasts, and RSS feeds, our ingenuity is regularly credited for successful, innovative adaptations and modifications of current best practices.

Database Lifecycle Support
(Design, Development, Administration and Data Storage Management)

Gryphon Technologies is a master at tackling sizable quantities of data accumulated over decades and giving new purpose to the large accumulations structured and unstructured information. Armed with specially-designed techniques, Gryphon Technologies takes the complexity out of organizing substantial amounts of content to extend and enhance the value of these information assets. Gryphon Technologies captures all this information; identifies relevant attributes, parameters, definitions, and commonalities about the data; and creates a framework that supports the specified needs of customers. Recognizing the immense and largely untapped worth of enterprise data, Gryphon Technologies is proficient at designing, developing and administering multi-purpose databases that enable clients to manipulate this extensive content more efficiently for greater yield. Gryphon Technologies also builds sophisticated and flexible data storage management solutions that respond to changing information needs, best practices, evolving technologies and new challenges across the enterprise.

Development of Functional and Technical Requirements

Gryphon Technologies has grown its business and reputation successfully by giving its customers what they want. When undertaking any new initiative, the first step in the Gryphon Technologies process is to learn details concerning how customers do their jobs. Understanding specifically what a customer needs to do their job better is vital in developing functional and technical requirements. Possessing an in-depth knowledge of the customer’s desires, the Gryphon Technologies strategy is to make the requirements meet the needs. Gryphon Technologies assesses various external options and carefully selects those functional and technical components that meet the specified needs, complemented by specially-built tools for a complete solution. Customers rely on Gryphon Technologies to listen to their needs and deliver the answer that meets their specific requirements, solves their individual problems and is extremely efficient and cost-effective.

Application Development, Support, Training and Integration

Gryphon Technologies has a stellar talent pool that regularly devises cutting-edge applications for leveraging data to gain new and significant advantages. Developing creative ways for customers to profit from better use of data assets is a core competency of our savvy technical team. Astute at shaping mountains of data into valuable, integrated, correlated, symbiotic information, our professionals develop the innovative applications that give these assets new importance and renewed significance to enhance decision making. We are at the forefront of evolving technologies to ensure processes are updated with the latest advances and existing and new systems are fully integrated for maximum efficiency. The Gryphon Technologies IT team also provides a variety of support services and training programs to respond to customers changing requirements.

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