Strategic Management and Communications

SMC_topGryphon Technologies has a team of strategic planners with expertise that spans all stages of strategic planning. Our effective communications convey positioning on organizational goals and objectives, complementing strategy planning and development.

Gryphon’s strategic planning and communications capabilities include:

Facilitate Development of Vision/Goals and Implementation Strategies
Gryphon Technologies works in partnership with military leadership and senior Government executives to develop and clearly define and redefine the organization’s vision, mission, and goals.

To facilitate development, Gryphon:

  • Interviews subject matter experts and conducts extensive research that is academic / authoritative, widely established, and verified.
  • Studies past and current initiatives and analyzes Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT).
  • Assists leaders with an assessment of their current organizational strategies, goals, and processes.

This broad-based, comprehensive research and analytical review succeeds in producing:

  • Expansive, long-range vision roadmaps and detailed strategic planning documents and tactical implementation strategies.
  • Comprehensive Annual Command Operations Reports (ACOR) (Documented accomplishments / history).

Research, Analysis, Performance Measurements and Tracking
Gryphon Technologies supports senior executives with annual evaluations of organizational performance and identifies performance measures to achieve well-defined future goals.

To assist the leadership in its annual assessments, Gryphon:

  • Conducts policy and performance research and analysis of past-year successes to determine effects, assess applicability, and measure effectiveness to higher-level directives.
  • Develops action plans, incorporating the major objectives of senior management for the coming year.
  • Implements analysis techniques such as the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) Performance Measurement System to organize and validate new and existing initiatives in relation to established goals and objectives.
  • Facilitates development of top-level metrics for measuring and tracking milestones for annual improvements.
  • Survey development to assess organizational alignment to strategic goals.

Recommendations and Assistance with Major Organizational Change
Gryphon Technologies has a track record of working on government teams and conducting research, analysis, and preparing documentation to support large-scale organizational changes. Clients turn to Gryphon Technologies for our experience in establishing new processes, roles, and operating constructs for large organizations.

Design and Creation of Communications Productsbms_2
Gryphon Technologies answers the communications needs of its clients with top-notch writers and exceptionally talented designers to create compelling strategic communications.

Our products and services include:

  • Speechwriting that assists high-ranking Government officials to deliver powerful messages conveying the need for change and supporting organizational goals, Change of Command, and Award ceremonies. Development of Flag / SES-level external status briefings to CNO, etc.
  • Command & Enterprise-Level Publications: Web and full-color printed strategic Vision publications designed for use by Congressional Staffers and military leadership illustrating programmatic capabilities with a 20-year strategic future vision; Annual Reports and Year-in-Pictures publications.
  • Historical research and booth design for large, permanent high-profile backlit panel displays located at the Naval Air Systems Command HQ building, Naval Air Station Patuxent River, MD—e.g., 100-Year Capability and Technologic Advancements depicted in a storied timeline with imagery and captions summarizing the History of Naval Aviation.
  • Extensive research and interviews creating customized communications products.

Benchmarking “Best Practices” for Process and Productivity Improvement
Gryphon Technologies is highly skilled in the effective use of benchmarking to maximize best practices and lessons learned to strengthen the success of future process and productivity improvements. Through the development and management of metrics based on indicators from strategic action plans, assessments, and surveys, Gryphon Technologies identifies problem areas and devises recommendations for implementing business management plans designed to produce significant performance enhancements.

Writing, Editing, and Production of Publications and Multimedia Communications Products
Gryphon Technologies has a creative team – second to none – with an unmatched skill for quality in writing, editing, designing, and producing high-end multimedia communications products and services that feature:

  • Leadership messages and annual organizational accomplishments for internal and external audiences using video, photos, narratives, etc.
  • Website design and content management. Improving web and print interactivity for new interactive multimedia content.
  • Internet publishing / Streaming media / Video editing.
  • Full-motion animation and digital electronic images for use as broadcast, over-the-shoulder, and full-screen graphics.

Event Planning, Trade Show and Executive Conference Supportbms_1

Gryphon Technologies assures clients the best presentation at trade shows with comprehensive trade show support services. We confer closely with our clients to design and execute a creative strategy that adheres to a cohesive, unified “look” desired by our clients that best conveys their key messages, and we carry that look consistently throughout, from the trade show booth to associated collateral. We are experts at developing messaging and depicting a consistent look and feel for multiple campaign themes reflective of large organizations, e.g., a large Navy systems command rebranding effort.

Our products and services include:

  • Panel copy, layout, design, and on-site production of large exhibit spaces for annual Navy conferences, e.g., “Sea, Air, Space” and “Tailhook” Expos.
  • Exhibit development / Creative editorial services.
  • Planning and Logistics; Technical support.

Gryphon Technologies plans and manages the execution of Flag/Senior Executive Service (SES) Leadership Team executive board meetings and conferences. We record and transcribe minutes and action items, monitor and track the implementation of a large Navy systems command’s Strategic Plan. We also assist in managing the Command Information Center for this command that monitors program performance.

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