Technical Assistance and Installation

OMNITEC has an expert team of installation and maintenance technicians. All of our technicians have received formal training and are well-versed and up to date on the latest video and network communication technologies. Our shipboard installation and maintenance technicians perform all tasks in accordance with our NAVSEA-approved Quality Management System (QMS). We provide shipboard video and network services to approximately 300 ships around the world.

Gryphon’s technical assistance and installation capabilities include:

Communications/Broadcast Equipment Installation, Integration, Repair and Maintenance
(Communications Electronics/Engineering, Intrusion Detection Systems, Public Address Systems, Radio Frequency Distribution)

OMNITEC designs structured hardware systems that support voice and data requirements in accordance with BICSI, EIA/TIA, NFPA, NEC, IEEE, and FCC communications specifications. We configure and install all system hardware and software for ease of access and future scalability. Gryphon’s technicians are vendor-certified on each piece of hardware, firmware, and software installed. In addition, OMNITEC is experienced in providing communications, video surveillance, and security and intrusion detection/prevention for full-spectrum installation support. The technical staff at OMNITEC provides expert communications electronics support for system maintenance, diagnostics, troubleshooting, recovery and repair, and installation of highly sophisticated systems.

Shipboard Installations/Upgrades
(Onboard Repair and Troubleshooting, Preventive Maintenance, Equipment and System Installation and Fabrication/Rack Assembly, Radio Frequency Distribution,Test and Evaluation)

A select team of highly-skilled engineers and technicians install all of the shipboard broadcast systems onboard U.S Navy ships. OMNITEC can readily support the installation and testing of networks, servers, workstations, and attendant peripherals; broadcast and satellite system installation; AVID non-linear editing systems; the Telestream MPEG delivery system; and perform testing of audio/video entertainment and satellite equipment.

Specifically, OMNITEC coordinates shipboard system installation and testing scheduling; prepares installation authorization documentation, including Ship Change Documents; develops system documentation to support satellite communications system installations and testing; repairs and maintains systems and ancillary equipment; repairs and maintains cable and hardware fabrication; provides technical and operational support for shipboard entertainment systems; provides preventative maintenance and removal of systems and equipment; prepares as-built drawings to document each installation; and supplies system installation training, maintenance, and repair. Our technical engineering capabilities include first-article testing; test result validation; test and evaluation; equipment and system installation; troubleshooting and repair; test/installation plan development; and technical documentation support.

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