Web and Internet Solutions

Gryphon Technologies has made a lasting impression on government and industry with its groundbreaking web and Internet solutions. Visionary creativity and technical prowess combine to deliver customers specially-designed, purpose-built systems that are unrivaled in satisfying every conceivable data and information requirement, and scalable to respond to future needs. Gryphon Technologies has established a firm foothold in the web/Internet space and our talents are in high demand in both the public and private sectors. From building a premier web presence, integrating social media and implementing media and communications solutions to developing and maintaining the back-end hardware that handles the data functionality, Gryphon Technologies craftsmanship is responsible for dynamic, robust web-based systems driven by the best in industry technological innovation.

Customers turn to us to perform a broad range of services, including custom database and application development; web portal standardization; local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) engineering and management; systems administration; and application support. The content management systems designed and developed by Gryphon Technologies enable customers to submit updated content from anywhere in the world quickly and easily to deliver current news and information to target audiences. Gryphon Technologies is unlimited in the creative strategies it successfully employs for clients, which extends to podcasting and streaming media content via any distribution method to achieve the greatest reach.

Gryphon’s web and internet capabilities include:

Content Management Systems
(Ergonomic and 508-Compliant User Interface Design)

Gryphon Technologies designs, builds, and supports content management systems that respond to complicated customer challenges with simplified solutions. These purpose-built content management systems enable customers to submit, collect and distribute text, images and video from around the world through easy-to-use interfaces; promote an infrastructure hosting hundreds of websites; and present and deliver the most up-to-date news and information to millions of users utilizing state-of-the-art applications for access and outreach.

The Web and IT developers at Gryphon Technologies have broken new ground more than once by creating and integrating just the right combination of tools and technologies into specially-designed content management systems that satisfy customers’ individual needs. Gryphon Technologies has a track record of success in user interface designs that provide simple and efficient user interaction without sacrificing technical innovation. For environments where accessibility is an added dimension, Gryphon Technologies professionals are highly skilled at incorporating cost-effective features that minimize barriers to universal access, including 508-compliant requirements, and support other ergonomic goals.

Concept Development/Design

An integral partner in establishing a compelling web presence, Gryphon Technologies has a foolproof process that takes the customer from concept to deployment and future planning. Gryphon Technologies understands what it takes to compete on the web and how to position an enterprise to effectively convey its mission. Gryphon Technologies works closely with customers to ensure we capture every nuance from the concept phase, where branding and messaging strategy is defined, through the graphic representation and final design of the finished product. We build the internal website mechanics while shaping the external view. Before the “public face” can be applied, the Gryphon Technologies team establishes and integrates a back-end infrastructure that responds to the required performance capabilities, including functionality that reflects what the organization does and offers to its external audiences and necessary in-house tools for managing routine operations.

Rapid Application Design and Development

The Gryphon Technologies IT Division is fully proficient in the Rapid Application Development (RAD) methodology for software development. In order to respond to demand for accelerated software development, to retain our edge in the realm of rapidly evolving social media requirements, Gryphon Technologies devised an approach based on the RAD methodology of structured techniques and prototyping to speed application framework development for the web and other types of software. Gryphon Technologies keeps in step with the changing landscape and customer needs with its spiral waterfall hybrid approach. This approach relies on established design processes and proven techniques combined with elements of prototyping to speed the development phases to completion faster with a greater degree of success.

Website Interface/Integration

Gryphon Technologies leverages the Internet’s full complement of services and information to showcase what our customer’s website has to offer. And we integrate these features for easy access from the customer’s site to enhance the user’s experience. We are adept in providing interfaces with popular online services, applications, and other tools that make the difference in how many and how often target audiences gravitate to a website. Gryphon Technologies builds customers robust websites that extend far beyond presentation of content. We ensure delivery of various services through the integration of valuable web-based content, data, and applications such as RSS feeds, news sources, social media sites and search engines. Designers at Gryphon Technologies are experts at crafting website structures and intuitive navigation that incorporate flexibility for ease of management, collaboration, and expansion. Recognizing that web-related products and services constantly change, Gryphon Technologies strengthens its Website projects with mechanisms to adapt to these changes and/or detect when fixes are required.

Web-Enabled Graphics and Applications

Gryphon Technologies maximizes customer value by taking the best Internet-based resources combined with specially-built web-enabled applications and graphics to produce a custom solution. The Internet has had a profound, and positive impact on how Government and industry operate. Our technical experts skillfully transition legacy processes and practices into web-based applications that allow customers to realize savings in time and money almost immediately. Utilizing web-enabled graphics and applications opens new opportunities for interacting with target audiences, improves data sharing and document delivery, adds compelling features and functionality to static images and provides interactive access to information and services.

Site Management

Gryphon Technologies understands the importance website design as a reflection of the brand and mission of an enterprise. While a compelling appearance is important in attracting interest, content and technical features convert visitors into regular users. Gryphon Technologies provides customers with innovative approaches for keeping content updated and fresh, including integrating online services that enhance the information presentation and reinforce external messaging. We give customers easy-to-use tools built into the content management system for making internal updates. We recognize that another factor in keeping an audience coming back is our diligence in keeping the website current with the latest technologies and applying these enhancements to improve functionality and interactivity. Further, Gryphon Technologies supports its customers with a dedicated staff of professionals who possess a broad range of expertise to deliver a myriad of site management services.

Website Monitoring and Maintenance

Gryphon Technologies performs critical monitoring and maintenance of client websites to ensure a dynamic online presence. From making routine updates to monitoring performance and maintaining the integrity of site operations, we utilize special tools and metrics that gauge efficiencies and detect anomalies to minimize disruptions and down-times. We monitor search engine rankings and analyze how visitors interact with the website, then respond with recommendations for improvements and implement the approved actions. By tracking maintenance schedules and conducting periodic assessments, Gryphon Technologies detects and repairs broken links and other site issues, identifies and implements updates, and performs backups and other redundancies for optimal operations. We outfit every website we develop with user-friendly technologies and tools to maintain unmatched performance, implement system updates and resolve any unexpected issues. And, whether our role is that of webmaster or simply emergency back-up, customers rely on our meticulous performance and unwavering commitment to excellence.

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